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Quality and hard work are a part of everything we do at Parrott Family Farms. From every load of grain, we haul to every field we farm, we are committed to quality. We offer custom planting, harvesting, spraying, tillage and trucking services.

Cover Crops

Using cover crops can be a very important part of proper soil health. Not only can cover crops bring nutrients back into the soil, they also help add in organic matter and can help reduce and prevent erosion, leaving you with healthier, more productive soil. We offer custom cover crop plans along with our cover crop seed options through Green Valley Seed. We can help you determine which of your fields will benefit from cover crops and what you should be using. From seed selection to planting, Parrott Family Farms can help you start your cover crop program or take it to the next level.  



AgriGold is one of our brands of choice that we are dealers for. We offer corn hybrids and specially selected soybean varieties. AgriGold takes pride in bringing farmers the highest quality corn and soybean genetics for their farm. Finding the right hybrid for your farm can be a challenge. We can help you determine which hybrid would work best for your operation. As farmers ourselves, we understand how important every detail is, including picking the right hybrids for your fields. Contact us to talk about a plan for planting AgriGold in your fields.

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